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Welcome to my personal web site.

These pages include information concerning my professional activities and are regularly updated enabling you to always find something new, whatever frequent your visits may be.

We often meet artists who, after becoming famous or even a little bit known, they avoid to make public some of their older works, appearances, interviews etc.

Because I was always against the above mentality (it might be because I have nothing to hide), I decided to include in this site just everything. From the concert at Herodus Atticus Theatre, my first public appearance at ERT when still a child, to the most insignificant interview, everything is here. This way you will know me better.

Of course the site has become a little ( ? ) boring and we know it. However the quick site surfing (the first upper left button) can guide you quickly to the most recent / interesting topics.

Visit the Special Link Area: You may join MLV internet fan club, participate to the online gallop, sign my guestbook, wiew the site statistics or the actual online site visitors in real time and many other interesting services.

You may also order on-line one of my albums, or view in real video some of my videoclips and performances.

Don't miss my latest CD album H ALI MOU PLEVRA.

Hoping to find this site interesting, I wish you a pleasant surfing.

Take care,


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